Who can hurt you?

It is true, someone who can hurt you the most is the one you love the most.

What can hurt you is simply a thing that you cannot expected, inside the sentences, inside the words, how they see you as someone in frame.

And when you set in the frame. They see you as it, like forever. 
Tears is nothing, they cannot see the wound that left open.
They don't see you cry, because you keep it only for your own. 
They dont't care with the words, the swear that came out from their mouth.

What you heard from them. Will stick on you. How fool are we if we follow and let tem judge you? But how we ignore it when someone said that is someone you love?


Dont ever say your children are bad kid.
Dont ever say your lover is stupid.
Dont ever say your friend is your eneny.

Kalimat adalah doa, doakanlah yg baik kepada orang-orang yg kau cintai. 
Jangan melakukan hal sebaliknya, yg akan membuat mereka menjadi seperti yg apa engkau 'label'kan selama ini. 
Jangan sampai mereka menjadi apa yg engkau labelkan dan kemudian engkau berpaling karena ulahmu. Dan tidak peduli.