Officially engaged

It is been a month since my engagement, in bugis culture we called it mappetuada. 
Karena beda suku, acara lamarannya di modif sedikit. Jadi gak rempong. 

Well, Sebelum dilamar secara resmi, sebenarnya saya sudah pernah dilamar sebelumnya di rooftop salah satu Mall. Romantiskah? Heheeheh

That moment always make myslef smile.  he held my hand, nervous, and asked me nicely to be his future wife. 
Asked me to be patient for some years. 
He said to me that he was nervous because he truly meant it and never did kinda thing like this. 
He keep talking, i keep listening. 
From the moment i prayed and hope that he can be my imam. :)

Mohon doanya, semoga di lancarkan segala sesuatunya sampai hari h. Aamiin

P.S billion thanks to my girls who came so far to attend this. 

Special thanks to my fiance and his family that made this happen. Thank you for the effort sweetheart. 😊



Anonymous said...

selamat ya muthe, ga bilang2 sih, padahal sekantor kita :D


Anonymous said...

Jadi imam ya mut? Kalo di masjid biasanya imamnya sama makmumnya beda2 tuh...
Selamat ya