Random thoughts, i guess.

When i was your man sing along inside my mind. I am thinking and realize i am so greatfull for what i have lately, for what i am now, for all the people surrounds me all the time, for everyone who supports me, love me and believe me. 

I also so thankful that there is someone who won't let me go. Someone who want to stay with me all the time, promising me a place called home (amin), Who courage me to chase my dreams. I was giggling inside my chest because he does not know that being with him is one of the wishes and silent dreams i've prayed to Allah SWT. 

I never regret for what i've become, the long journey, mistake, fall in the deep hole, get up, fall again and that time made you feel like a donkey, brokenhearted, stupid love story, annoying people, bling world, sadness, kindness. 

The lesson will always be a great lesson if we take it for granted. 

The learning proccess will never stop until we decided to not to learn again. 

I walk away from the past and welcoming  me. My self. And (him, Insya Allah). 

Semoga Allah meridhoi keputusan-keputusan tg membuat hidup anda menjadi lebih baik.


Selama kita tersesat diluar angkasa

"Proses ketika kita gagal, kemudian bangkit, lalu gagal lagi. " - maggie tiojakin

One nice book that my lil sister introduced me, based on the review.
 She said 'this book is weird and gantung'

Haven't read it all yet :), i am in queue. Gotta wait my sister finish it first.




Late post

Today i met one of my friend and spontaniously  i told my brother how handsome her boyfriend. 
My brother replied, it is you the one who choose your boyfriend.

I get what my brother trying to tell me. Now, i am the one pick my patner or we can say future husband. :)
After trying and also failing ofcourse. 
With my mother and father blessing i hope we can create our future together :)

Re draw

Finished re-draw family potrait :)
Seems like i am so into doodling stuff 


Tuhan dan Sang Pemimpi

Tuhan memeluk mimpi-mimpi yang bahkan telah dilupakan oleh orang yang pernah bermimpi.

Tuhan menyimpan mimpi tersebut dan membakar semangat sang pemimpi ketika mimpi itu hampir terlupakan ditelan kesibukan serta rutinitas.

Tuhan tau cara membangunkan mimpi tersebut dari tidurnya yang panjang layaknya seorang putri yang menunggu kecupan pangeran. 

Sekarang saatnya sang Pemimpi berdoa lebih keras dan berusaha lebih keras. Berdoa dengan merengek agar Tuhan tetap membantunya agar mimpi tersebut datang menghampiri sang pemimpi sebagai kenyataan. 

Untuk kalian (dan saya) yang hampir melupakan cara bermimpi.

Selamat 11 Ramadhan


New hobby :)