Eat eat eaaaaattt

This is what i ate lately. Well, diluar kebosanan sm makanan sekitar kantor dan kosan. :)
Kaledo, konro, ganthari, krispy kreme.


Hugo Cabaret!

Last night i watched movue called hugo. A great movie that won oscar for ... i dunno exactly what category. But all i can say the movie was so great! Totally, it tells about hatd work, passion, kindness, friendship, stealing, and machine and clocks.

This movie is worth to watch with all ur family and i wonder if i can watched it with my lil sister.

Btw, hunger games is already premiere! Cant wait to see it.



Somehow I feel like I need to write again.
I miss it so much when I can write anything I want, without stopping ot deleting some words like what I'm doing now. Haha.
Writing, become something awkward to me since I'm not doing it for months or maybe years.

Maybe, I need some passion to do it more often. I promised to my self to keep writing, but I'm not doing it.
Some people said 'go back at something you already stop is harder than when you starts it'

I hope. I keep writing about anything.
Wish me luck.

Btw, now I'm listening to ;
Stevie Wonder - Overjoyed
Lady Antebellum - somewhere love remain.
Ed sheeran - The A Team
The Script - Won't Feel A Thing

Super cute

I got this pic from instagram. Whooooass how cute!