sound familiar?

its been ages again since i have not wring anything..
life going up and down for me..
after having a great 2 months, having a really nice relantionship with my buddy again..
now, it's turning into a mess..

well, i feel like i did well enough.
one time, xxxxxxx ever told me to move on without her.
maybe sound awkward but i am glad xxxxx TOLD ME THAT.
so i would love to say,

i can move on without guilty feeling anymore..
to xxxxxx ; i say goodbye and maybe later we will have a great moment to know each other again as a stranger..

goodbye fellas,
i do not have no mercy anymore.
and i believe so are you..

*my soundtrack is water and a flame by daniel M ft adele*
cause one of us is water and other is a flame, we're not fit each other..
if we're in the same place, it will ruin others element.
Now you're gone,
Theres nothing else I want.
Now that it's over,
There's nothing else i want
Is everything really meant to change
I guess we're like water and a flame