Saturday, 30 januari 2010.

Stay at home after jogging @ hasanuddin field.
I was surprised , I can get 5 laps.
Another record I guess.

I have so many task to do!
But, my bed too comfort to do that. LOL

I am totally enjoying today as employed holiday!
I'm sleepy!

Warm Hug!



i'm on long distance relationship with my BF.
and this band roamed around in my head.

they are music for sale!
you can check their myspace
and youtube

play song : far from you and so right!!

their album daydream will released soon!
cant wait! :)


Killing yours ID

Suddenly I wanna write this out.

-about your friends who kill you identity-

Means you can not be YOU when you are with them.
And its like they always right and you was wrong.
They can influence Your brain and its roots.
And YOU believe them! Trust them...
You don't even trust your self that you're not like what they said.
Errrrrrr, you look powerless in front of them.
You can't take control of the situation, you can only mourn.
Seems like they know your weakness and manipulate you.

Shitttoo, I have kinda friend like that!

Ah, gotta change! Can't be like this. Roll the wheel.
Even They are so good doing that.

Do not let people tell you who you are!

Someone open my eyes about that. Thank you for my ann.

today song :

corrine Bailey ray - its be that way sometimes

Lady antebellum - when you got something

hindi zahra -Oursoul (recommended artist) she is so good!

Warm Hug!



Kiraiin dalam beberapa hari kedepan saya bakalan jadi unemployed.. Hahaha, syukurnya tidak
I got the win-win solution for my latest problem, with my program director! Thanks kak ivan!
Errrr, I'm sooo happy today

Thanks for advice kak iwan, kak tika, kak adi , heheh mama, aiz :)
Ahhh, sekarang fokus ke kuliah dan kerjaan p[>o<]/

Warm Hug!





Hari ini jadi rekor tersendiri buat saya. Well, saya stay di kantor dari jam 7 pagi- dan baru balik jam 10 malam.
13 jam! Weeeew

Hahaha I am only 19.
Mudah2an kalo saya 'kerja' nanti jam kerjanya tdk seperti itu. Kebetulan saja hari ini banyak kerjaan . Bener2 banyaaaaaaakkk. Auuuum!

Eh, hari ini tanggal 28. Temen saya udah balik, tadi pas lewat depan rumahnya, lampu kamarnya udah nyala.

Waaaaah, sy deg-deg an mau ketemu..
Apa 'udah baikan yah?' Atau belum...?
Ahhh, saya harus gimana yah?
Mau ketemu aja bingung..

I'm tired. I need my bed.
Nite all.

Warm Hug!



pagi ini , standar2 saja.
selain ada isu kalo mau demo besar-besaran dalam rangka 100 hari kepemimpinan bapak sby- boediono.
ah, bodo amat sama politik, uang century udah jalan-jalan di kantong pejabat :p

saya nulis lagi, di kantor.
lantai 4 mall ratu indah. pretty good view from here. di lantai satu ada McD yang buka 24 jam.
dengan icon Ronald yang lagi duduk di kursi..tersenyum lebar..
dan pikiran bego saya muncul

"how can he smile everyday?" i wanna be like that..

pertanyaannya adalah:
apakah hari ini saya bisa tersenyum lebar? soalnya lagi mikirin sesuatu !



Morning at Office part II

here i am, at office again with the beautiful morning lightt.
im listening to one of my minister interview, yeah its relay from 3 station radio!
information and communication minister, TIfatul SImbiring.
one thing i like about him is, HE PLAYS TWITTER! HAHAHAHAA
breaking the rule as politician, Sir?

Like usual, im doing my job at my chair. im gonna miss this stuff.
btw, have you listening to HOPE FOR HAITI album?
well, its a very good record. a very nice album.
I'm going to review it for one of my program radio.

how's your day fellas?



After talk with my mother about my job. About what's good for me, according to her. I've made a decision. What should I do with that.

I've talk to some people I trust. ask for their advice, parents , sister, brother, my boy , and sort of my friend who care with me. Oh ya, office friend include too :)

I need a week to think about this step. cause this is serious.

My mom give me the bright side of this problem, which made me sleep longer than usual. Hahahahah

And I'll follow that. :)
Thanks mum!

Warm Hug!


Morning at Office

ah, its a perfect place to runaway from 'morning sucks disease'
haahah my term for
when you wake up in the morning and you cant smile. laugh. and all you can hear is blaaaa blaaaa blaaaaaaa blaaaa. and you wanna get out from there as soon as possible.

so here i am , at office.

my office is a radio station, incidentally i have morning broadcast to do and i have to take my sister to school.


warm hug!



its not like what i thinked before

Today, i step on my university for the first time again, since i left it for holiday.
errr, i have to say i was afraid.
like a child who just come for her first day at elementary school.


i don't know why, that felling a bit irritating me.
maybe because i LOST from collage for a while.
maybe because one of my friend told me i was anti sosial -_______________________-.
ahhh, i doubt my self that i will enjoy this day.

she's someone who i like to talk with :)
thank youuuuu ra.... MUAAAAAAH

after i arrived, i keep smile and stay at silent.
try to blend with them like the first time.
like i said before. AFRAID.

but, what i found is:
AHHHH, it feel so great...
awesome. unexplainable.

specially when ety hug and kiss me ! hahahahaha.
she doesn't know it means a lot...

i laughed
i blended
i smiled
i'm with them
we yelled
we shared something stupid

i miss those things.
i don't have much time to spend with my collage fellas since i work!

i wish one of my best girl was there.
i'll laugh out loud more than today. i miss her.
i hope when she comes
'comeback to me' time will end...
she gave me that song to describe my relationship with her!
hahahahahhahaha LOL
and i totally get it! enjoy your time my friend!

so my theme song today is
-great song :)

Warm Hug!


ps: i wondering when the times 'comeback to me' comes? hopefully not so long


Silence and Privacy

Why? I even can't LOCK my own room like before.!
It become main public space from HOME!

Gara2 rumah di perbaiki..
semuanya pada ke kamar saya..
soalnya kamar saya yang paling 'waras'..

Kayanya keadaannya bakalan lama :(..
Trus suara alat tukang yang nyampur sama suara ponakan 2 biji yg berisik juga. Aaahhh..

I'm kinda sick of it. :'(

Theme song :
-sasha - please please please
-leona lewis - run
Warm Hug!



Cut cut cut :)

Potongan beberapa lirik lagu yang nemenin malam minggu :)
Haha, hasil iseng dr playlist yg di shuffle.

-I want you so bad, its my only wish (BEP-Meet me half way)
-You better move on, cause I'm ready for more than this (Mika-Rain)
- Run run Runaway, lost lost lost my mind. I'd like you to stay (YYY-Runaway)
-That I better of on my own (SUM41- Pieces)
-I don't have to put all my best clothes, I don't have to act like a total stranger. (MELLE - She's Gonna Find Me Here)
-Cause all she want is a boyfriend! (LILY ALLEN - 22)
-Bring flower doesn't stop the rain. Don't you know, it takes more. (JORDIN SPARKS - It Takes more)
-Lover be strong while I'm gone. (GAVIN DE GRAW - Lover be Strong)
-There's no place to go where you're not there (ONE REPUBLIC - Prodigal)
-Could you be my yellow, when I'm feeling gray? (DANIEL.M - Could You)
-Without a change our lives will never last * You'll be the queen, and I'll be your clown! (THE ALL AMERICAN REJECT - Mona.Lisa)
-I'll be here in the morning if you say stay to me. (SAFETYSUIT - STAY)
-You gotta a piece of me * you preety messed up too! (KELLY.C- My Life Would Sucks Without You)
-Waktu, semakin rindu (RAN-Pergi Sajalah Kau Kasih)
-All the politics, too late * live mighty * just take it easy (JASON MRAZ - Live high)
-I'm tired of holding this inside my head (COLBIE CAILLAT-Fallin' for you)
-i wanna do something matters/ better, something that said I was here (LADY ANTEBELLUM- I was here)
-Always looking back! (JACK JOHNSON- If I had Eyes)
-A heart is not a hope (JB ft MILEY. C- Before The storm)
-I don't wanna sacrifice (JET BLACK STARE - In This life)
-As long as I'm laughing with you* i know, there's no life after you (DAUGHTRY- Life After You)

I think that's enough! Haha maybe too much!

You're time with me its over!
(ZARIF- Its Over)

Warm Hug!


Relish - It's you I'm thinking of

Si zaviero just gave me this :) LOL. Makes me miss him

Relish - It's you i'm thinking of

Well you set my soul on fire
Only you can take me higher
It was you that set me free
What was love before I know

When do you get to that point where enough is enough? Never. Never.
'Cause you are all I need

I just have to let you know
Maybe there's a place for you and me, yeah
I just have to let you know
That it's you I'm thinking of
That's it's you I'm thinking of

You were born to be alive
With a beauty in our minds
To share it with the world
Cause you're so easy just hey
Then to throw it all away
Just adding to the hurt

I just have to let you know
Maybe there's a place for you and me, yeah
Like the sunlight breaking through a cloudy day
Well, it's you I'm thinking of
Yes, it's you I'm thinking of

Let's all get together
'Cause this is what we got
This is what we've got
I just have to let you know
Ohhh....it's you I'm thinking of
Baby, it's you I'm thinking of
I just have to let you know
Maybe there's a place for you and me, yeah
I just have to let you know
Maybe there's a place for you and me
I just have to let you know
That it's you I'm thinking of
That it's you I'm thinking of...oh yeah yeah
Cause it's you I'm thinking of...oohhh oooo ahhh
I said it's you yest it's you you you you I'm thinking of
ohhhh...it's you yes it's you oooo

:*... Hahaha! I heart this.

I'm Taking BATH!!

Haaaahhahahha, yes ! FYI. I've been sick about 5 days. Two days ago, i took bath, ignorance my health. Pretending I was healthy. I feel like that. After that, I got fever AGAIN -______-".
And I'm not taking a bath for 2 days! Haahhahaha (ewwwhh, hope my boy don't read this post)

Now, I'm waiting for my boiling water , blend it with cold one and make it into warm water. Ahh, I need shampoo.

Being sick, totally makes me FAT. Makes me LAZY. And also makes my head Heavy.
I put it at pillow and it (feels like) don't want to move.. Haaamm

Oh ya, my house being repair. It means noise everywhere..
Took took took tookk
Bangg banggg baaang
Bak buk baaak buuk ..
Even I'm using my ipod, I still can hear it.. O_o

Err, my water just whistle me!
See ya around with new me after taking bath! Yay!!

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22 januari 10

I'm home now. From long holiday.
Melepas penat. Dan keinginan mau ke pantai (bali, kuta) dan gunung (bandung, sari ater) kesampaian. DAN KETEMU SAMA si ranger batavia itu :*
Well, alhamdulillah.
Sekarang tanggal 22 januari 10.
5 hari setelah kepulangan. Dan 4 harinya di isi dengann -,- SAKIT. Padahal baru masuk kerja sehari.. Wahhh bisa di pecat saya, walopun itungannya cuma freelancer.. Itu juga artinya gajiku bakalan terjunnn bebassss..karena tidak pernah datang..hahahaha (T~T)q
Owwh, I need money! Dan gak mungkin minta sama orang tua buat keinginan nanti.
Its personal..too personal..

Just think that it will be a great moment for me to come.. Ahh, I miss my zaviero..

Today's Theme Song

* pink - sober *