Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

walmart edition
she's getting richer and famous

get : Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

The Fame : Monster


The Fame:Monster On november 17th.
~gak puas kali,, di realese ulang lagi

She wolf video premiere



like i said, HE CRY..
this is the video of him cry for camilla belle

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk


who's your fave actor and actres? these are mine.

i recently have watch a lot of movie during my looooooooong holiday! so i decided to ask you WHO'S YOUR FAVE ACTOR AND ACTRESS???? for me. #5 Shia Labouf. Good choice haaah? He's amazingly melt me down. terminator was Deff my fave movie this year! #4 Cristian belle, no doubt he hypnotized all girls while playing The dark knight and terminator Salvation. #3 Will smith. I always crush on him on every film he played. specially 7 pounds and persuite of happiness (his son cute). #2 matt damon, heheh, He So hot when play as Bourne. i was late interested to that movie but I didnt mind to watched all his movie!. Finally Best of the Best Awards is....#1 adam sandler i love him A lot, he's so funny, stupid and ridiculous but he can make me cry at the same time i laugh.. :).

now, its time to fave Actress. #5 angelina jolie, lately peoply seen her couse of BrANGELINA. They didnt see her played role. She always total do what she love. she was so cool at wanted as a killer! #4 Meg ryan , i like when she played as innocent mom or people. #3 kate winslet. Who doenst love her ??? TItanic is endless!!! The reader was awesome! she deserve that oscar. #2 dakota fanning, she THE NEXT BIG Actress! if i have an awards like BoB Awards i'll choose #1 Meryl Streep she inspiring me :D

so, if i have my own Blog Awards they will be the winner! heheheheh

so what about yours? if you dont mind
"Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards"


omg, they seems like a sweet couple..
but i guess Camilla Belle is too old for joe.
yeah, they break up and joe CRY on the stage! WTF????
if u all have listen MUCH BETTER by JOBRO... now that song given to CB!
they almost have the same face..

who dumped who??

Panic! At The Disco -New Perspective

ok, after they break up. P!ATD still continue their band even their guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker resign. but their vocalist Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith stayed in the band and continue make new album.
here's the first single and also a soundtrack from JENNIFER'S BODY.

EX- P!atd has new band called The Young Veins

get: Panic! At The Disco -New Perspective


KELLY CLARKSON- Already Gone premiere


CreativeDisc Exclusive Single

Rhythms del Mundo ft.The Killers - Hotel California
(8/10) (i cant get it you can hear it from immem)


Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)


Blake Lewis - Sad Song


Jay-Z ft.Rihanna & Kanye West - Run This Town



Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe


Michelle Branch - Sooner Or Later


Beverley Knight- Beautiful Night

Collective Soul-Welcome All Again


Lady Antebellum -I Run To You



that list i get from http://www.creativedisc.com/ plus i searching more,

@vicky and @ali they had awesome blog..so do i!

my fave blog !! coz i am one of contributor there:)

~menebus kesalahan


Jessie James EUHHH

Pop singer Jessie James ? who ? i dont know her...
she doesnt look hot..


Movie: Ghost of girlfriends past

Creepy title I know. But actually this movie like E! Online said HILLARIOUS FUN. I found my self enjoying this movie around 2 am, and I didn’t really care about the time. Ghost of girlfriend past starring Matthew McConaughey who never lost his charm . Jennifer Garner, mother of two little baby which still hot! And Michael Douglas, the senior actor.
GoGP talks about past that you can’t never leave behind. Matthew McConaughey played as Connor mead, photographer playboy who always plays with woman. ALL WOMEN AROUND HIM. But, he never realize that it’s just make his attitude worst. There’s no woman in his life stayed more than 2 weeks. Love just for fun, he doesn’t trust it because of her uncle; Michael Douglas (who also a playboy) gave him WRONG LESSON how to deal with woman if he Broken heart when he was 14. Since that connor never wanna fall in love with women
Woman who make him broken heart is Jennifer Garner! His childhood friend…his truly love. They used to dating for a while until connor found that he fall in love again and afraid to hurt. And he dumped her ! (STUPID)
Shortly, connor meet again with Garner in his brother, Paul wedding. You can guess it, he ruin everything. But, thankfully his DEAD UNCLE give him chance to see everything in a different way, with 3 ghosts with him : PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Ghost take conner to see Sins he made. Specially with Garner.
The adventure begin!

~I’m not going to tell all stories.
Its just so good to have lesson love with this movie.
all of you should watch it.

I’ll give ***


Muse - United States of Eurasia

i've been told about muse new song!
its called United States of Eurasia, its leak everywhere on video
btw, its sound good. Mellow at the first time, but rocking on the reff.
its like,,Queen+the beatles in slow why. interesting,,!
oh, its tribute to queen..
new Album : the resistence on store 14 September 2009

get: Muse - United States of Eurasia

Mika - We Are Golden

New queen voices Mika has new Album called WE ARE GOLDEN

get : Mika - We Are Golden


harry potter!



one word:


movie: he’s just not that into you!


I just watched a movie called he’s just not that into you! Starting all of huge star such as Jennifer Anniston, ben affelct, drew Barrymore, scarlet Johansson, justin long and so much more!

I know its been a while after that movie out. I found it on a torrent searcher while im not doing anything. And thankfully to my friend, Ardi . he’s buy it after I told him I’m dying to watch it. i already know its came from the book with the same titled. I heard the book from oprah. Owh , I love that episode on O…

The movie about relationship that usually happen in mature people.

- A guy who doesn’t have a commitment to him self and for her wife. Lying and cheating behind their marriage while pretending everything was alright but its not. Its end like divorce…! The man sorry for it, the woman… Move ON!

- A couple who has been dating together for 7 years , but was too afraid to make the relationship to next level ! BUT FINALLY THEY DID!

- A woman who extremely hot and can do anything to every man she met, but finally in love with a guy who’s already marriage but has a hanging relationship. POOR!

- A guy who do anything do woman who don’t wanna live with him… just used him when he dump or need advise. STUPID! But he’ll meet woman that he’s loved! NICE

- A journalist who find a date with my space account ? WTF????! Always fail. At the end she’ll date to STUPID GUY up it. They’re happy couple now! yey

- A woman who always waiting to man called her. Wanna have serious BF

- A guy really expert with woman and loveable person finally bow for that woman I talk about up this sentences. Lovely

The story link each other, this one with that one, other one with the other one.. easy find that dot connect each other.

Other thing I Love in this movie! The Soundtrack!

Keane,,maroon 5, Corrine bailey ray , the ting-tings , lili allen, elvis, james morrison,bon jovi, the cure, and other ! I have to find the list! …,

Owh, I’m so into that movie,,,

Harry Potter and the half Blood Prince

as you all know, harry potter has been premiered a couple days ago and absolutely become a box office hit. I have seen it yet. damn :(
is it great as the book? many of my friend told me, its awkward. they kinda disappointing to this 6th harry's movie. some important stories not show up. Why???
film talk about love around the hogwards teenagers. 'thats the other point' but where's the others? hemmmm,, i'm dying to watch it. hgggrhhh
too much spoiler around me , specially my friend who've been seen it..


Vanessa Hudgens-Everything I Own

ok. disney again. haaaaaaagrggghh
zac efron baby doll Vanessa Hudgens has new song for new movie Bandslam in theaters August 14th, the song called Everything I Own. it will premiere August 11th. btw, Lisa Kudrow play on it. owhh i love her . friends never dies . dont you think like that?

~gw lebih suka ashley tisdale! hiyy.. so' asik bgt covernya,, lol

get :Vanessa Hudgens-Everything I Own

Kelly Clarckson- Already Gone

Our Ms. Photoshopped 2009! like my friend told me.
she's getting fat, but i still love her voice...
kelly clarkson ready to release official 3rd single called already gone after my life would sucks without you and i do not hook up which doing well on charts.
the Video it self will premiere today! officially web said that.

~cukup BT dengan hiasan Air mata nya itu,, huee mana di sparkling-kan pula
lebay juga..lol

kelly clarkson-already gone


Imogen heap-Canvas

i know Imogen heap from her song Goodnight and gone! i was so amaze how she doing well withmulti-instrumentalist in her music. she do it on her Own! woowww. there's no doubt her music brain really function, so talented. my Program Director say ! "Damn this woman so COol, how could she do that?"

Born in UK , Grammy nominated English singer and songwriter Imogen Heap ready so released her new album called Ellipse on august 25th. Her first single called first train home has leaked and now, 2nd single has leaked also called canvas. Enjoy!

~ni ibu-ibu keren gila aksi panggung nya!!!


Cobra Starship - Hot Mess

Cobra Starship known well as a one of Snakes On The Plane Movie' Soundtrack.
Now they ready to release 3rd album called HOT MES,, same with this song i will promote you!!
this is 2nd single after good girls go bad that reach #24 on billboard, not Bad.
they have same genre's with cash-cash.

get: Cobra Starship - Hot Mess

Rihanna New Hair!!!

rihanna just cut her hair. AGAIN.
she's no doubt has became a hair-trendsetter among the world dont you think like that, i dont knoow why cassie did that too...???
its cool, but kind a punk child wanna be rockstar!!
weird and awesome at the same time

~kok pada mau botak sebagian yahhh??!!

Paramore on Billboard cover!

hayley was so hooot! damn.
it is a promotion for their new album
and talk about their single: IGNORANCE.
which i thought almost the same with the old one...

buy it

Lets strart with : WHITNEY HOUSTON

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

after the death of MJ, her Best friend WHITNEY HOUSTON ready to released new album after drowning cause of Drugs. September 1st became Lucky date for The Album, It called I LOOK TO YOU.
First single called "Mill Dollar Bill" will released at July 28!

Seems like she realized, she still a huge diva. I love her Cover Album. make her looks younger with Oprah's Hairsyale (O always do that lately). One shoulder Dress like michael Obama fame style and whitney's earing is cool.. cassie did that On Love sex magic video Clip!

Wait For the album!!!



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hai ALL

i've been dying for busy at my NEW office!
sorry for no posting almost 2 weeks!
i want to edited my blog, so if you find any WEIRD content,,

i'm sorry
love ya