happy new year 2009- I'M BACK-







3 month absent

hai all,, hmm its been three month since i decided to closed my blog..

i've got so much respond after i did that..

most of it, complain...

i'm sorry..

i'll be back at january..

you'll found some change..

miss you all


Alicia Keys ft Jack White - "Another Way To Die" (OST JAMES BOND)

Alicia Keys bakalan ngisi OST james bond yang baru,,,,
yang keluar november nanti
i'm a james bond LOVER,,,hehehe
alicia sendiri bakalan nyanyi ma jack white..
judulnya "another way to die"
LINK UPDATE...dari affilate baru negh

The Republic Tigers-“Buildings & Mountains”

DOWNLOAD : “Buildings & Mountains” (GOT ITUNES)

Kansas City based group, The Republic Tigers, got their name from a mixture of a former band name, “Golden Republic” and a certain animal mascot from one of the band member’s alma maters - two things that were apparently from significant periods in their lives. The quintet officially formed in 2005 and were the first 2007 signings to an imprint called Chop Shop Records based out of Pasadena, CA, a label with roots in music supervision (e.g. The OC, Grey’s Anatomy).

“Buildings & Mountains” is from The Republic Tigers 2008 debut full length called “Keep Color” a follow-up to the first self-titled EP they released on Chop Shop in 2007. (MORE...)


P!nk - Funhouse -Album Cover-

P!nk - Funhouse [Album Cover]


The Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination -Retail-

haha, gila nih album udah jadi perhatiannnnnnnnn banget,,
sejak lagu when i grew up keluar, album ini udah di tunggu2!!!!
mereka jadi fenomena banget, aduh ni para ladies, muantep bgt
mengandeng imbaland, Danja, Rodney Jerkins, Ryan Tedder, dan banyak lagi untuk albumnya,,
totally Doll Domination

-nb, berhubung mengupload album-album yg gede
bukan keahlian bandwidth dan
sambungan internet gw yang ngos2an
:D ,,jadi
you can download it on link below:
1. When I Grow Up
2. Bottle Pop (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
3. Whatcha Think About That (Feat. Missy Elliott)
4. I Hate This Part
5. Takin' Over The World
6. Out Of This Club (Feat. R.Kelly & Polow Da Don)
7. Who's Gonna Love You
8. Happily Never After
9. Magic
10. Halo
11. In Person
12. Elevator
13. Hush Hush
14. Love The Way You Love Me
15. Whatchamacallit
16. I'm Done

Bonus Disc:
1. Jessica Sutta - If I Was A Man
2. Melody Thornton - Space
3. Kimberly Wyatt - Don't Wanna Fall In Love
4. Ashley Roberts - Played
5. Nicole Scherzinger - Until U Love U
6. Lights, Camera, Action [Feat. New Kids On The Block] (Bonus Track)
7. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Bonus Track)

Leona Lewis - Forgive Me [Offical Video]


LENKA- The Show

this song has become one of my fave, since my friend told me to listen it.
it sooo nice, just flow with some funny sound she made..she sing very nice and unique with piano dominate this song.
and i found this song, has be come single of the week-pop at Itunes which you can download it for free,,if you have ITUNES..

if you dont have Itunes..
Download: Lenka-the Show or

album cover SNOW PATROL + F.O.B

Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns

Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux

ya ampun lucunya,, cover FOB


taylor swift- LOVE STORY video premire


Taylor Swift - Love story

butuh waktu dua tahun untuk gadis berusia 18 tahun ini merealese album barunya berjudul fearless pada11 november mendatang. single perdana dari album ini berjudul LOVE STORY.
Talylor swift sendiri merupakan penyanyi country/folk/acoustik, album self-titlednya kemarin sukses berat khususnya tears drop on my giutar.

Download : Taylor Swift - Love Story


Ashley Tisdale - i'm back + I want it all

got two new songs comes from ashley tisdale which roumored will be 2nd single from HSM 3 called I want it all and the other called I'm back.
in OST.HSM 3 , she sing with Lucas Grabeel (SHARPAY AND RYAN) and it has premiered at disney channel radio. and sold at Itunes in 9 september.
I'm back..probably her new single,,

David archuleta- crush (video premiere)


Best Female Video:
Britney Spears - Piece of Me

Best Male Video:
Chris Brown - With You

Best Dancing In A Video:
The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow up

Best Rock Video:
Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day

Best Hip Hop Video:
Lil Wayne feat Static Major - Lollipop

Best New Artist:
Tokio Hotel - Ready, Set, Go

Best Pop Video:
Britney Spears - Piece of Me

Video of the Year:
Britney Spears - Piece of Me

britney still a queen!!!!

Keane Perfect Symetry official track list

Track Listing:

1. "Spiralling"(Chaplin/Hughes/Rice-Oxley/Quin)
2. "The Lovers Are Losing"
3. "Better Than This"
4. "You Haven't Told Me Anything"
5. "Perfect Symmetry"
6. "You Don't See Me"
7. "Again And Again"
8. "Playing Along"
9. "Pretend That You're Alone"
10. "Black Burning Heart"
11. "Love Is the End"

Will Young- Changes (REQ)



Masih inget ga sama hit single di tahun hmmm berapa ya..?? hehe.. skitar tahun 2005. Yup, u know exactly what i mean.. "Goin Crazy" by Natalie.. Single itu bikin gw jatuuuhh cinta banget, gw sukaa banget sama tu lagu..adeeemmm smooothh..whatever la!Well guys, Cewe yang satu ini bakal ngeluarin album lagi dalam waktu dekat, tapi masih belum ada bocoran nih tentang proyek album barunya ini. Tapi katanya sih single "Hey" ini bakal ada di album terbarunya cewe yang punya nama lengakap Natalie Nicole Alvarado ini..(MOO)


Christina Aguliera-Keeps Gettin' Better

hore,,, minggu ini lagu-lagu baru pada mantap..
another blonde diva, setelah off beberapa saat gara2 punya baby..
dia balik dengan lagu dan album baru ..
"Keeps Gettin' Better : A Decade of Hits" yup dari nama albumnya ini adalah kumpulan dari lagu2 lamanya tapi ditambahin 2 track baruuu,,, ya ini sama DYNAMITE

download :Christina Aguliera-Keeps Gettin' Better

Stand Up to Cancer : SPESIAL buat DEVY..

haha, sory yah,,, baru di keluarin,,

Download : Stand Up to Cancer


Yael Naim- New Soul

she is a israel-french singer,,
gw belakang ini lagi suka sama lagunya yg amat sangat SOUl,,
speechless dengerinnya..mantapp abisss
coba dengar sendiri deh..

download : Yael Naim- New Soul




hey ya all,, so far this is one of my fave band...!!!
introducing the script bagi yang belum taw.. gw yakin sebagian dari kalian udah pada tw,,
Lagu jagoan mereka adalah WE CRY dan THE MAN WHO CANT BE MOVED
i'm totally in love with them
check them out,,
saran gw , coba dengerin Breakeven dan If you see kay.


Ciara ft T-pain - Go girl

rumor lagu yang bakalan jadi lead single Ciara adalah High Price di albumnya mendatang " fantasi ride" yang bakalan di rilis sekitar bulan desember..Tapi semuanya terbantahkan, akhirnya lagu yang resmi menjadi Single jagoan adalah "GO GIRL" yang di produseri oleh T-pain.

HIgh school Musical 3 - Now or never

sebenarnya gw gak terlalu suka ma HSM, hanya saja sepertinya mereka udah jadi fenomena dimana2, hehehe,,, ini lead single mereka yang berjudul now or never yang dinyanyikan oleh seluruh pemainnya..
Now or never for the senior year...
jadi ingat waktu SMA dulu
PS: i got some accapella version..
download : HIgh school Musical 3-Now or never
HIgh school Musical 3 - Now or never (ACAPELLA)

VIDEO PREMIERE the saturday + New Kids on the block


Keri Hilson - do it

Keri hilson merupakan seorang song-writer yang sudah banayk membantu menulis lagu untuk banyak artis besarm tapi belakangan ini nama yang sedang naik di dunia musik berkat back up timbaland di album barunya nanti,,
salah satu lagu yang akan keluar di albumnya adalah do it, hmm menurut P-O-P ini adalah best track yang udah leaked di inter
Download : Keri Hilson - do it (P-o-p)



kind of intermezzo
hahaha,, we're going to have a month full of shaum,..
mohon maaf lahir dan batin
sorry for the mistake i've made..

semoga amal ibadah di terima,,,



aduh,,, covernya mantap
warna merahnya keren

REQUEST: sorry,, just find it

LINK is taken from others blog, i'll post with the link... :D
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova-Falling Slowly (misshacker.com)
Karmina Backward Sympathy
OST Dreamgirls
the butterfly effect- reach

yang dua nyusul,, masih dicariin yang bukan torrent BRO
sabar yah


gym class heroes- cacth me if you can

gym class heroes new sogn called Catch me if you can ( mirip film nya lenardo de caprio ma tom hanks) hehehe, lagu ini bakalan ada di album barunya the quit
download : gym class heroes- cacth me if you can


missing me??

been missing me???
ups,, sorry,,
i'm going to star tomorrow!!!
my collage has start the day before yesterday..

makasih yang sering ngunjungin blogku,, counternya,,nambah trus,,
padahal gw gak ngupdate2

hahaha,, thx





hai,, wondering why there's no update??
i'm going back at uni, so,,
i kinda busy (very)
sorry with this stuff...
so how you uni day???!!
luv ya all


Shannon Noll - Sorry Is Just too late (REQ)

buat adie,, Selamat mendengarkan!!
Download :Shannon Noll - Sorry Is Just too late
nb: maaph soal gambar yang ada di samping kode sownload--
sory yah


Franz Ferdinand- Lucid Dreams

masih ingat dengan band Rock asal Scotlandia ini..
yang sempat jadi Artist.....(gw lupa) di MTV beberapa tahun yg lalu. Butuh 4 tahun untuk mereka merealese album barunya seltelah YOU CAN HAVE IT SO MUCH BETTER (2005), Album ini akan realese Tahun depan (masih lamaaa).
enjoy, their new song called- Lucid dreams

Download : Franz Ferinand-
Lucid dreams


am i late for miley cyrus??

haha, i guess yes..
hmmm...but thats OK..
but if you love the album!
here you go,, i forgot where i get the link,
but when you download it you'll know who's have it



terakhir kabar dari Cassie yang gw tw dia main di STEP UP 2 the street dan ngisi Soundtracknya.
hmmm..dan yang paling baru dia ngeluarin album baru, kalo gak salah Official girl. nah, ni ada lagu barunya featuring The dream rapper yang ngebuat UMBERELLA sukses dengan amat sangaat, jadi apakah cassie bisa se-sukses itu juga???!!


video premire

the cab-"I'll Run."

Lulu Lewe-Crush On you

Taylor Swift- Change


Pink - So What

this week, there so much good things happen in music..specially the new songs.
one of all is PINK,,Album terakhirnya adalah I'm not dead dengan hit single "U+Ur hand" dan "who knew". setelah 2 tahun tidak mengeluarkan album, rencananya dia akan mengeluarkan album pada 28 oktober '08 dengan lead single Berjudul So what. lagu ini dinyanyikan dengan khas Uptempo pop/rock. Oficially akan keluar tanggal 18 nanti dan diikuti dengan video pada 22 agustus di MTV's new show FNMTV.
Download : Pink - So What


Michelle Branch- Together (OST.TSOTTP2)

hayoo,, siapa yang udah nonton the Sisterhood of the traveling pants yang pertama,, saya sudah, dan saya tersentuh (nangis) dan berpikir kok ada celana yang bisa muat di mereka berempat dan celan itu bisa menikmati duduk di berbagai belahan kota..,, wahaha
Ok, now we talk about the Soundtrack. Called "Together" by Michelle Branch, penyanyi yang masih ada turunan indo dan suka makan sambel..
dari judul lagunya saja sudah mengambarkan seperti apa Film ini.
donwload : Michelle Branch- Together (OST.TSOTTP2)



this is a new song from keanedari album barunya "Perfect Symetry"
yang dibagi-bagikan secara gratis di websitenya, Keanemusic.com
(meniru Coldplay)
judulnya Spiralling, gak tw napa yh,, kerasa bukan keane banget di awalnya.
dan mirip The Killers di awal lirik.
temponya sedang-sedang, dan ada teriakan
"OWH..."yang gimana gitu,,
kalo menurut kamu?
download: Keane-Spiralling


i edit my blog,,
and it doesnt work,,
sory for a weird view here ,,

just ignore it
all my affiliates gone,,
i'll fix it by the day after tomorrow
and i love to read your comments

Teen Choice 2008 winner

Winners from the 10th annual Teen Choice Awards:

_ Choice Movie Action Adventure: "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian."
_ Choice Movie Drama: "Step Up 2: The Streets."
_ Choice Movie Chick Flick: "27 Dresses."
_ Choice Movie Bromantic Comedy: "What Happens in Vegas."
_ Choice Movie Comedy: "Juno."
_ Choice Movie Horror/Thriller: "I Am Legend."
_ Choice Summer Movie Action Adventure: "Hancock."
_ Choice Summer Movie Comedy: "Get Smart."
_ Choice Movie Actor Drama: Channing Tatum, "Stop-Loss."
_ Choice Movie Actress Drama: Keira Knightley, "Atonement."
_ Choice Movie Actress Action Adventure: Rachel Bilson, "Jumper."
_ Choice Movie Actor Comedy: Ashton Kutcher, "What Happens in Vegas."
_ Choice Movie Actress Comedy: Ellen Page, "Juno."
_ Choice Movie Actor Horror/Thriller: Will Smith, "I Am Legend."
_ Choice Movie Actress Horror/Thriller: Jessica Alba, "The Eye."
_ Choice Movie Villain: Johnny Depp, "Sweeney Todd."
_ Choice Movie Breakout Female: Ellen Page, "Juno."
_ Choice Movie Breakout Male: Drake Bell, "Superhero Movie."
_ Choice TV Show Drama: "Gossip Girl."
_ Choice TV Show Action Adventure: "Heroes."
_ Choice TV Show Comedy: "Hannah Montana."
_ Choice TV Reality Dance: "America's Best Dance Crew."
_ Choice TV Reality Music Competition: "American Idol."
_ Choice TV Celebrity Reality: "The Hills."
_ Choice Summer TV Show: "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."
_ Choice TV Actor Drama: Chad Michael Murray, "One Tree Hill."
_ Choice TV Actress Drama: Blake Lively, "Gossip Girl."
_ Choice TV Actress Action Adventure: Hayden Panettiere, "Heroes."
_ Choice TV Actor Comedy: Steve Carrell, "The Office."
_ Choice TV Actress Comedy: Miley Cyrus, "Hannah Montana."
_ Choice TV Breakout Show: "Gossip Girl."
_ Choice TV Breakout Star Female: Blake Lively, "Gossip Girl."
_ Choice TV Breakout Star Male: Chace Crawford, "Gossip Girl."
_ Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star: David Cook, "American Idol."
_ Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star: Lauren Conrad, "The Hills."
_ Choice TV Villain: Ed Westwick, "Gossip Girl"
_ Choice Music Single: Jonas Brothers, "When You Look Me in the Eyes.
_ Choice Hook-Up: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, "No Air."
_ Choice Music Male Artist: Chris Brown.
_ Choice Music Female Artist: Miley Cyrus.
_ Choice Music R&B Artist: Chris Brown.
_ Choice Breakout Group: Jonas Brothers.
_ Choice Music Love Song: Jonas Brothers, "When You Look Me in the Eyes"
_ Choice Music R&B Track: Chris Brown, "Forever."
_ Choice Music Rap/Hip-Hop Track: Lil Mama featuring T-Pain and Chris Brown, "Shawty Get Loose."
_ Choice Summer Song: Jonas Brothers, "Burnin' Up."
_ Choice Male Hottie: Jonas Brothers.
_ Choice Female Hottie: Vanessa Hudgens.
_ Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female: Carrie Underwood.
_ Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male: Jonas Brothers.
_ Choice Comedian: Adam Sandler.
_ Choice Male Athlete: David Beckham.
_ Choice Female Athlete: Shawn Johnson.
_ Choice Action Sports Male: Ryan Sheckler.
_ Do Something Award: Chad Bullock.
_ Choice Most Fanatic Fans: David Archuleta.
_ Choice MySpacer: Ryan Sheckler.

Joel & Luke - Love’s To Blame

Kenalin nih Joel & Luke, 2 bersaudara yang punya ‘cerita’ musik yang luar biasa. Ayah mereka adalah salah satu promotor musik yang tersohor di Australia, dan gara-gara kerjaan ayahnya tersebut, Joel & Luke punya background musik yang kuat. Semenjak mereka pindah ke US, talenta mereka berdua ini makin terasah. Terbukti, setahun ini mereka udah bekerja sama sebagai sebuah duo. Hasilnya? Bisa dilihat dari EP mereka, “A Tale Of Two Town” yang memuat lagu-lagu yang ‘inspiring’. Salah satu lagu yang keren abis dari album ini adalah “Love’s To Blame” yang merupakan tembang Pop Ballad dgn iringan Piano dgn Vocal yg mengharu-biru (creativedisc)
Download : Joel & Luke - Love’s To Blame



Event musik terbesar di asia udah Lewat
dan ini lah pemenangnya

The winners of the 2008 MTV Asia Awards 2008 are:

Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:
Favourite Artist of Mainland China - Li Yu Chun
Favourite Artist of Hong Kong - Leo Ku
Favourite Artist of Indonesia - Yovie & Nuno
Favourite Artist of Korea - Super Junior
Favourite Artist of Malaysia - Nicholas Teo
Favourite Artist of Philippines - Chicosci
Favourite Artist of Singapore - Stefanie Sun
Favourite Artist of Taiwan - Show Lo
Favourite Artist of Thailand - TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:
Favourite International Artist of Asia - Linkin Park
Best Hook-up - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic -"Apologize"
The Innovation Award - Radiohead
Breakthrough Artist - Leona Lewis
Video Star - 30 Seconds to Mars - "A Beautiful Lie"
Bring Da House Down - Muse - Muse Asia Tour (Jan 2007)
edc Style Award - Panic at the Disco
Knockout Award - The Click Five
Inspiration Award - Karen Mok

you can see here

Video premire-COLDPLAY- DUFFY-HSM3






Best Female Video
Britney Spears, "Piece of Me"
Katy Perry, "I Kissed a Girl"
Jordin Sparks, "No Air"
Rihanna, "Take a Bow"
Mariah Carey, "Touch My Body"

Best Male Video
Lil Wayne, "Lollipop"
Usher, "Love in This Club"
Chris Brown, "With You"
Flo Rida, "Low"
T.I., "No Matter What"

Best Pop Video
Danity Kane, "Damaged"
Jonas Brothers, "Burnin' Up"
Panic! At The Disco, "Nine In The Afternoon"
Britney Spears, "Piece of Me"
Tokyo Hotel, "Ready, Set, Go!"

Best Hip-Hop Video
Mary J. Blige, "Just Fine"
Lupe Fiasco, "Superstar"
Flo-Rida, "Low"
Lil' Wayne, "Lollipop"
Kanye West, "Homecoming"

ini nominasinya, yang menang siapa? tunggu tanggal 7 september nanti

David Archuleta- Crush

Saingan david cook ini akan merealese lagunya berjudul Crush di bawah Jive Record, albumnya akan di realese pada 4 november mendatang (masih lama yah)! lagu ini akan di realese secara digital pada 12 agustus nanti lho...
seperti biasa lagu ini bernuansa ballad dinyanyikan David dengan amat baik.
selamat menikmati
Download : David Archuleta - Crush.
taken from ALI


The Script - The Man Who Can’t Be Moved+ we cry

haha, sempat speechless denger ni lagu dan langsung jatuh cinta...
lagunya ga cukup untuk sekali dengar

Demen ama single pertama dari The Script yaitu “We Cry”? Kini saatnya untuk lebih jatuh cinta lagi ama The Script dgn single keduanya “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” yg direlease tepat hari ini, 28 juli. Video Clipnya bahkan udah direlease 27 Juni lalu, sedikit mirip2 dgn Video Clipnya Rob Thomas. Single yang satu ini lebih catchy ketimbang “We Cry”.
Download : The Script - The Man Who Can’t Be Moved


New Kids On The Block ft. ne-yo SINGLE

New Kids On The Block mengandeng Ne-Yo untuk berkolaborasi di lagu yang berjudul
lagu ini berada pada Album New Kids On The Block yang paling baru "the blok"


Katy Perry- Break Out

I LOVE KATY PERRY!! her song, her style, her voice!
my fave song is Ur So guy and Wake up in Vegas..
and sure i love this song..
lagu ini ga 'ada di albumnya One of the Boys
download : Katy Perry- Break Out -
link from perez+mithoos


Jonas Brother- a little bit longler album sampler

Track Listing:

1. BB Good
2. Burnin' Up
3. Shelf
4. One Man Show
5. Lovebug
6. Tonight
7. Can't Have You
8. Video Girl
9. Pushin' Me Away
10. Sorry
11. Got Me Going Crazy
12. A Little Bit Longer

download : Jonas Brother- a little bit longler album sampler

Lil Wayne - Got Money (Ft. T-Pain) Video

3 doors down- the champion in me

Setelah sempat bikin single “Citizen/Soldier” utk tribute National Guard, kini 3 Doors Down juga bikin single khusus untuk menyemangati Kontingen USA yg bakal mengikuti Olimpiade Beijing 2008 tgl 8 Agt mendatang. Single “The Champion in Me” ini emang punya aura positif dan pas banget buat membakar semangat para atlet yg berjuang meraih emas! (creativedisc.com)
download: 3 Doors Down - The Champion in Me


Katharine Mcphee - I Know What Boys Like(OST.The House Bunny )

Akhirnya Runner Up American Idol 5 ini punya debut Film Hollywood pertama kalinya, yaitu “The House Bunny”. Disini dia main bareng ama Anna Farris dan anak Bruce Willis yaitu Rumer Willis. Gak cuman itu aja, ternyata Katharine juga ikut mengisi soundtracknya yaitu dgn single “I know what boys like” yang merupakan single uptempo yang Catchy abis, dan sepertinya dibantu dgn beberapa artis lainnya, karena di single ini kental banget irama R&B nya.
download : Katharine Mcphee - I Know What Boys Like

Jonas brother- tonight

this is a new song from them....


Whitney Houston ft.Akon - plain white T's- Sixpence None The Richer

Ini dia Single terbaru yang udah ditunggu2 para Fans Whitney Houston setelah absen 6 thn, dengan dibantu oleh Akon dgn single “Like I Never Left” ini, kayaknya nama Whitney bakal bisa terangkat lagi. Tapi masih belum tahu nih, apakah single ini bakalan jadi single pertama dari album ke-7 Whitney Houston yang hingga kini masih belum ada judul dan jadwal release yg pasti. “Like I never left” sendiri terasa seperti single2 R&B med tempo buatan Ne-Yo dgn tambahan vocal Akon yg khas di sepanjang lagu.

download : Whitney Houston ft.Akon - Like I Never Left(pop)

Plain White T’s - Natural Disaster
Kesuksesan single “Hey There Delilah” thn lalu emang membuat nama Band Pop PUnk asal Chicago ini ngetop! Padahal Band ini bakal merelease album ke-5nya “Big Bad World” tgl 23 sep mendatang. Dengan single pertama “Natural Disaster” sepertinya Plain White T’s ingin mengulang sukses nya terdahulu, single yang satu ini terdengar cukup catchy, sedikit upbeat dan sepertinya bakal sukses apalagi sekarang Hollywood Records dipegang oleh Universal Music untuk distribu sinya!

download:Plain White T’s-“Natural Disaster”

Sixpence None The Richer- My Dear Machine
Lagi2 Band Bubar yang Reuni lagi… Sixpence None The Richer yang sekarang tinggal 3 org aja, yaitu Leigh Nash, Matt Slocum dan Justin Cary. Setelah bubar 2004 lalu, mereka tiba2 merelease EP “My Dear Machine” baru2 ini, single pertama yang berjudul sama ini masih menampilkan suara khas Leigh Nash yg sempat merelease debut solo albumnya thn 2006 lalu. “My Dear Machine” sendiri masih terdengar seperti single Alternative Rock khas Sixpence yg kurang begitu asyik.
download: Sixpence None The Richer- My Dear Machine


hay all

a month,, wow,, i miss my blog,,,
its a lovely holyday!!!
there so much new music update i miss!
i'll start again,,,
did you all had a great holiday???
hope so

what i miss during the holiday...

ini hanya sebagian dari banyak musik baru yang saya lweatkan selama liburan

christian Bautitsta (Alb.Captured / Warner) - The One Who Won My Heart

The Goo Goo Dolls (Single / Warner) - Real

Sophie Ellis Bextor (Single / Universal) - Off And On

Ne-Yo (Alb.Year of The Gentleman / DefJam) - Miss Independent

The Academy Is (Alb.Fast Times At Barrington High / Atlantic) - About A Girl

Hayden Panettiere (Single / Hollywood) - Wake Up Call

Brandon Heath (Alb.What If We / Reunion Records) - Give Me Your Eyes

Joey Moe (Single / Nexus Music) - Lullaby

Ayo (Alb.Gravity At Last / Universal) - Slow Slow (Run Run)

Bloc Party (Single / Vice Records) - Mercury

Head (Alb.Save Me From Myself / Warner) - Flush
Hinder (Alb.Take It To The Limit / Universal) - Use Me

Ali Lohan (Single / Interscope) - All The Way Around

Brett Anderson (Alb.Wilderness / Drowned In Sound) - A Different Place

O.A.R (Alb.All Sides / Atlantic) - Shattered (Turn The Car Around)

Katharine McPhee - I Will Be There With You

L.P. (Single / SoBe Entertainment) - Good With You

UB40 with Maxi Priest ft. DJ Rapper Truth (Alb.Twentyfourseven / Reflex) - Dance Until

Dizzee Rascal ft.Calvin Harris & Chrome (Single / Dirtee Stank) - Dance Wiv Me

Carpark North (Alb.Grateful / Copenhagen Records) - Shall We Be Grateful

Anggun (Single / Warner) - Si Tu L’avoues

Eric Hutchinson (Alb.Sounds Like This / Let’s Break Records) - Rock & Roll

Funeral For A Friend (Alb.Memory and Humanity / Join Us) - Waterfront Dance Club

The Chemical Brothers (Alb.Brotherhood / Virgin) - Midnight Madness"

Xzibit (OST.X-Files: I Want to Believe / Decca) - Dying 2 Live

Gym Class Heroes (Alb.The Quilt / Fueled By Ramen) - Cookie Jar

Staind (Alb.The Illusion of Progress / Atlantic) - Believe

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne (Alb.Lessons in Love / Universal) - Girls Around The World

The Rushes (Single / Universal) - What You Waiting For

Brian Harvey - Trouble

Tim Daniel (Alb.Putting it to Bed / Universal) - See You Soon

The Verve - Love is Noise

A.J. McLean - Drive By Love

Holly Rae ft.Sean Kingston (Single / In Ya Face Records) - Off The Meter

Bosson (Single / SEO Music) - Wake Up
Daniel Powter (Alb.Under The Radar / Warner] - Next Plane Home

Akon ft. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hands

Kessler (Alb.I Know Your Voice / YMA Records)- Outside Your Window

Jazmine Sullivan ft.Missy Elliot (Alb.Fearless / J Records) - Need U Bad

Peter Gabriel (OST.Wall-E / Walt Disney) - Down To Earth

T.I (Alb.Paper Trail / Atlantic) - No Matter What

Thriving Ivory (Alb.Thriving Ivory / Wind-Up Records) - Angels On The Moon

Ice Cube (Alb.Raw Footage / Lench Mob) - Do Your Thang

Emilia Rydberg (Single / Bonnier Music) - I Wont’ Cry

Tom Smith of Editors (Alb.Independents Day ID08 / Independents Day Recordings) - Bonny

Aiza Seguerra (Alb.Open Arms / S2S Records) - Open Arms




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Bayje - Find a way

Cewek 19 thn asal New York ini bernama asli Brittany, tapi lebih dikenal dgn nama Bayje (baca ‘beige’. Dengan talentanya yg luar biasa, akhirnya dia dikontrak oleh Atlantic, yang akan merelease debut albumnya dalam waktu dekat ini. Dengan produser R&B papan atas seperti Scott Storch, Stargate dan Biran Michael Cox yg bakal mengisi albumnya ini, sepertinya bakal bisa laris manis. Dengerin aja single “Find a way” yg cukup catchy, dgn memadukan petikan gitar dgn R&B Dance. Creativeisc.com



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Boys Like Girls-thunder [Video Premiere]

UK Release Single - 23 June

Athlete – The Outsiders (EP)
Audio Bullys - Gimme That Punk (12”)
Black Kids – Hurricane Jane
Buy Now - Body Crash
Courteeners – No You Didn’t No You Don’t
Dirty Pretty Things – Tired Of England
Donna Summer – I’m A Fire
Edwyn Collins – Home Again (7”)
Elle Milano - Laughing All The Way To The Plank (7”)
Elliott Minor - Time After Time
Estelle – No Substitute Love
Filly - Sweat (The Drip Drop Song)
Five O Clock Heroes feat Agyness Deyn – Who (7”) [Limited]
Flo Rida feat Timbaland – Elevator
Frank Turner - Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
Glasvegas – Geraldine
Hadouken! – Crank It Up
Heloise & The Savoir Faire - Illusions (Hot Tonight!)
Hercules & Love Affair – You Belong
Katie Melua – Ghost Town
Kid Sister – Pro Nails
Leila – Deflect (12”)
Leon Jean Marie – Bring It On
Mara Carlyle - Ancient & Modern (EP)
MGMT - Electric Feel
Moby - I Love To Move In Here
Ne-Yo – Closer
Nickelback – Photograph
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head
Tokyo Police Club – In A Cave (7”)
Tricky – Council Estate
Weezer - Pork And Beans


Lady GaGa- Just Dance


Lady GaGa hailing from New York will soon be dropping her debut record Retro-Sexual soon. We will just see whether she was fabricated to compete with the strong female presences emerging from the pop underworld or someone authentic presenting talented power.
check on her myspace
Finally, a new artist that explodes onto the scene in America and embraces pop music, like old school Madonna! (perez)

The song is sooo damn catchy!(poptastic)

She's half a rock star, half a rock star’s girlfriend. She's 20. She's a songwriter. She is a singer. She's a pianist. And she's crazy. A RETRO, DANCE, FREAK. She has ears made of classic-rock, a voice of the 60s, the moves of a Brit-Disco queen, and a heart made of doo-wop and strawberry milkshakes (bmi.com)
so what are you waiting,, CHECK IT OUT!

Jonas Brothers-Burnin' up (premiere)


Jonas Brothers-burnin' up (HQ itunes)

hola,, enjoy the new single from the Jonas Brothers called burnin' up which come from their third studio album yang baru just premier di Radio Disney berjudul A Little Bit Longer. Guess what! it produced by TIMBO!. lagu ini agak berbeeda dengan when you loo me in the eyes dan lagu mereka yang lain dan akan ada tamabhan dari TIMBO sendiri,, jadi check it by your self.the video will premiere tomorrow. >_<

Jonas brother- Burnin U

Katy Perry-I Kissed a Girl

I Kissed a Girl adalah lagu yang sedang "enak "di kuping saya, even the title is weird, but i kinda like it, and i guess i late.. hehe.
" I Kissed a Girl direalese oleh Katy Perry dan di produseri oleh Dr. Luke. lagu ini merupakan single pertamanya yang sempat di putar pada salah satu episode gossip girl dan langsung jadi hit.


john mayer-where the light is

“Where the light is” merupakan album Live yg bakal direlease oleh John Mayer dalam bentuk CD dan juga DVD tgl 1 Juli mendatang. Di album ini menampilkan 3 set penampilannya, yaitu: Solo akustik, bareng John Mayer Trio dan terakhir bareng ama Band nya. Konser ini direkam di Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles di acara 1st Annual Holiday Chartiy Revue dgn sutradara Danny Clinch.
Sementara itu, kalo pengen jalan2 bareng ama John Mayer di laut? Ikutan aja berlayar di “Mayercraft Carrier 2” yg bakal diadakan dari tanggal 27 maret 2009, berlayar dari Los Angeles dan berakhir di Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Selain bisa se kapal bersama John Mayer, tak ketinggalah John juga bakal tampil Live dgn beberapa band lainnya, utk sementara ini baru terpilih Guster


Karina Pasian - Can’t Find The Words


Cewek debutan Def Jam yg satu ini ditemukan oleh Quincy Jones dan menang Star Search di thn 2003. Jago bermain piano dan gape nyanyi 7 bahasa asing, Karena Pasian langsung di gandeng Def Jam utk merelease debut albumnya “First Love” yg bakal release 19 Agt. Agak berbeda dgn single pertamanya “16 @ war” yg sedikit ‘berat’, single kedunya “Can’t find the words” sangat mudah dicerna, dgn beat2 R&B yg sedikit uptempo, sepertinya bisa melambungkan namanya!

John Legend - Green Light (Featuring Andre 3000)

pemenang grammy satu ini sibuk banget setelah album "Once Again" tahun 2006 sukses beraat. lagu ini dirumorkan akan menjadi single pertama yang berada pada album ketiganya ayng akan direealese september ini lho!! "Green Light" featuring member of Outkast: Andre 3000. lagu ini agak BEDAAAA..bukan john legend bgt..! >_<


Missy Elliot- Best Best


Gak sabar nunggu album dari Ratu R&B dan Hip Hop yang satu ini?? Sabar ya, karena rencananya album terbaru dari Missy Elliott yang dikasih judul “Block Party” ini bakalan dirilis tanggal 9 September ntar. Tapi jangan kaget kalau album ini bakalan beda sama album-albumnya Missy sebelumnya yang ‘hip-hop’ banget. Bisa didenger dari 1st singlenya, “Best, Best” yang nggak Missy Elliott banget, mungkin karena single yang satu ini diproduserin sama Danja, jadi beatnya bakalan mengarah ke ‘fun club’ Beat! Tapi tetep keren, apalagi biasanya didukung oleh Video Clip nya yang pasti seru abis.

download: Missy Elliot- Best Best